Freshly Baked Type is a letters-based project by designer and illustrator, Liz Volpi. Since July 8th 2016, a letter, word, or phrase has been posted daily (for the most part) and will continue for a year to dazzle your eyeballs and delight your souls.

Unless otherwise specified, these illustrative and typographic forms can be reused in personal blog posts (yay!). Should you wish to use them in a commercial setting or in any printed matter, further licensing is required



Liz Volpi is a New Orleans-based illustrator, graphic designer, educator and 1/2 of the design partnership, Liz In Cahoots.

First graduating with a degree in Modern Languages and Cultures, Liz has spent a lot of time teaching and learning from incredible English-learning humans. During her 5 month stay in Argentina, she had a bit of a mini-revelation. Finally, she understood that the growing, unfulfilled feeling in her heart was born from denying herself of what she loved most: creating things. So, she returned to school and learned the art of design. Since then, she’s drawn letters, logos and illustrations for both local businesses and national companies, such as Snapchat.

Liz is compelled by provocative design and finds purpose in empowering people, learning from others, and building communities. She is constantly inspired to create not just as a facilitator of information exchange, but as an active participant in human expression.